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"Don't just read any e-Book. Read a SMART JayBee-Book"

Johan Brown is a World's leading publisher of Active and SMART ebooks. Johan Brown's over 3,25,000 specialized SMART & Active ebooks in over 74 genres like Adventure, Fiction, Mystery, Humor, Fantasy, Skill Development, Test Preparation, Competitive Exams etc help students learn Concept Deciphering, Linkages and acquire skills like Critical Thinking, Visual Learning, Memory Retention, Observation , Creativity and increases Vocabulary & Grammar Skills. All the books are specially made with thousands of lines of Computer Code inside them that help in understanding the behavior and the psychology of the reader and use Analytics & LECAP algorithms to automatically make the book more interesting without any external intervention. Johan Brown readers have proven to become avid readers in an average span of 14 months.
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Johan Brown Digital Collections

Hundreds and Thousands of Books covering over 74 different genres with 25,166 different authors, Johan Brown Digital Collections have the most appropriate material for both structured & unstructured reading and development.
  • Johan Brown Publishing has the largest collection of books in English and Other Languages
  • The Only Publisher across the world with books in multiple versions such as Abridged, Multimedia, Cognitive and Profanity free.
  • Books in over 12 different formats supporting various readers and operating systems.
  • We Have Self Reading books, Read-Along books, Flip books and books that are Read-Aloud enabled.
  • All books have auto-dictionary lookup with built-in cross linked grammar and translations into 51 languages.

Benefits of Reading

Enhanced Smarts and Academic Excellence: Numerous studies have shown that students who are exposed to reading are better in almost every area of Smarts. Those who read have higher GPAs, higher intelligence and pocess more general knowledge than those who don’t.
Better Communication Skills: Students who read are more likely to express themselves and relate to others in a healthy way. By witnessing the inteactions between the characters in the books the child gains valuable communication skills.
Improved memory and reduced stress levels: A study of the most notable leaders, scientists, inventors and executives show that they had one common habit during childhood, which is reading. Also, by reading a book, the mind shift gears thereby reducing stress levels.
Enhanced Concentration and Discipline: Along with reading comprehension comes a stronger self-discipline, longer attention span, and better memory retention, all of which will serve the child well when he or she enters higher education.
More Analytics and Logical Thinking Skills: Another illustration of the importance of children reading is their ability to grasp abstract concepts, apply logic in various scenarios, recognize cause and effect, and utilize good judgment.
Hooked onto Reading: Of the children those who have read an e-Book, three in five said they are reading more books, especially boys who tend to be less frequent readers than girls.
Superior Comprehension Skills: Rich multimedia features embedded into e-Books can help children improve their reading skills. These features support text, help the child "decode" new words and children can actually improve their understanding of the text.
An average reader of e-Book says that he or she has read 24 books (the mean number) in the past 12 months compared to an average of 7 books by a non-eBook reader. Also children who have been hooked onto the habit of e-Books have shown to reduce TV watching by over 80%.



SMART JayBee-Books

Problems with e-Books today

Problems with e-Books
  1. Decision making in e-Books is tough
  2. e-Books are too long and take days to read
  3. e-Books do not kindle imagination – too much text. Tough to indulge unless the story is very gripping all the way
  4. e-Books are still up for subscriptions. Global sales of dedicated e-readers fell from a peak of 40 million in 2012 to 18.7 million in 2016 as more people opted for tablets and tablet-sized smart phones.
  5. Parents demand that the schools provide e-Book repositories just like the physical books (profanity checked, age appropriated)
  6. BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) failed across schools as it started becoming a “Show Off ” between the rich and the middle class
  7. Most subscribed e-Books are not sharable
  8. Not just the storyline alone, but children want e-Books to have game-like challenges
JB Solution
  1. Children can use JB-Preview Books to make a good decision
  2. SMART JayBee-Books come in Pocket, Abridged, PixQuisitive, Virtual Reality editions that can be read in few hours
  3. JB Imagine Books help children create their own story while reading. JB MyAvatar and MyPal e-Books enable children indulge even in a moderate storyline
  4. SMART JayBee-Books work on any platform and are not bound to a tablet type or e-book software and are subscription free
  5. All SMART JayBee-Books are profanity free and age appropriated
  6. JB installs a Digital Library with terminals at school so that students have uniform access
  7. All SMART JBayBee-Books are sharable
  8. JB Dare and Challenger e-Books challenge children in a fun way

Why are Books Boring?

Best Sellers

New Releases

JB Varieties

JB Varieties are more popular than the Original and Abridged Series

Survey conducted among 10,000 students at a Level-II English Medium School

Book: Oliver Twist


Johan Brown e-Books are more than just Entertainment

  • 32 different varieties of e-Books, 74 Genres
  • 2,12,509 special e-Books; 25,166 Authors
  • Multiple Formats per e-Book
  • Works on any reader, phone, tablet or display device
  • Transforms reading from a Passive Practice to an Enriched Multi-Dimensional Experience

JB Analytics

Industry Best Analytics

Two types of Analytics

Book Analytics

Student Analytics

Dashboards / Reports for Librarian, Students, Teachers and Parents

jbanalytics jbanalytics

Johan Brown Reading Czar Programme

The Reading Czar Programme is an influential and empowering drill which comes with great rewards​! Students who evangelize and pave the way for new readers and mentor them to read more will recieve prizes such as :
  • Coupons to exciting outlets
  • Free books
  • Previews and sneak peaks of new books
  • Early reciepts to coming soon editions
  • Multi month free subscription

Please contact the concerned authorities of your schools for further information.

Johan Brown Writing Olympians Programme

Institutions can signup to Johan Brown Writing Olympians Program. Johan Brown Authoring team will help children contribute to book writing and make professionally finished books. Creativity that kids display is amazing. They can effortlessly create stories. And short story collections is a big business. A quick look on the web shows 54,000 story collections listed for kids. Short stories are easy to digest, and can provide a little emotional sparkle or epiphany in one quick take. Agents and book publishers realized that compared to adults, children can write better short stories that appeal to their age. A total of 34,900,140 copies of short story books written by children were sold last year. Books written under Johan Brown Writing Olympians Program prove rewarding to the child authors and schools. Schools that participate in Johan Brown Writing Olympians Program, where the school faculty assists in book reviews and selection, are also offered special assistance. This contribution from schools help underprivileged readers worldwide gain access to quality book reading. Publishing and Studio tools are provided within the school for review and editing.
  1. Book Redressing
    • Children can create new books from existing stories. E.g.: Fairy Tales with a Twist, Mystery of the Death Mask. Johan Brown team converts them into SMART JayBee-Books too
  2. New Book Authoring
    • Meet-the-Author programs help motivate children
    • Johan Brown team provides visuals to children that they can use to weave the story
    • Short story books are authored in one session on paper. Johan Brown team then makes the e-Book with visuals and JayBee effects
    • e-Books are given for free to parents and relatives. Demand for physical books is now growing and Johan Brown Digi-to-Papy Programme covers print books too
    • Child authors are given Pen names and plaques

Johan Brown Read-to-Lead Programme

Johan Brown Read-to-Lead programme help institutions partner with Johan Brown in providing academic incentives to students. Institutions worldwide are using this programme to develop the child's ability to excel in reading and comprehension. Children are awarded academic scores as a part of this program. Example: An institution can choose 10 books of various Genres for Grade-6 and ask students to pick 3 books and read them during the academic year. Students will be tested based on JB Analytics (Reading Index, Complex Words, Dictionary Look-ups etc) and acdemic scores are awarded.

Johan Brown Digi-to-Papy Programme

Johan Brown Digi-to-Papy programme help institutions build their library to ensure 80%+ utilization. Most institution libraries today have barely 5% book checkout levels. Johan Brown Analytics help understand the reading patters of students (Genre, Story type, Reading Complexity, Author etc) and can suggest books, printed copies of which the institutions can procure. Johan Brown Digi-to-Papy programme provides these printed copies at a very affordable price.


Children can buy multipack collections on BookWRAM® digital cards and read all the books with all the features Johan Brown Publishing provides. These BookWRAM®s can be kept at Libraries for Check-out and Check-in just like paper books. Once the books are read or transferred onto another device, they are automatically erased and the BookWRAM® is ready for its next use at the Library. Children can also make their own personal library at home using the multipack collections. BookWRAM® digital cards start from USD $259.00

Benefits of Taking Home Book Libraries

  • Multimillion dollar books at finger tips, in one place and To-Go
  • Enhances students' academic performance and takes them beyond text-books
  • Makes children fast readers and helps them comprehend quickly
  • Parents can use the entire collection too
  • Encourages children to become authors at a young age

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